St. John the Baptist - red


The head of John the Baptist has always been significant in several cultures of both Christian and all monotheistic religionsHerodias’ daughter, Salome, had danced so beautifully that Herod had promised to grant her any wish. Prompted by Herodias, Salome asked for the head of John the Baptist. This was Herodias’ revenge for the Baptist’s outspoken criticism of her marriage to Herod. Salome put his head on a serving tray and presents it to King Herod and all the guests in the dining room, where, just a little earlier, she had performed the dance of the seven veils. The mythology developed into a romantic tale full of symbolism, as can be seen in Oscar Wilde and many others. 

Author: Signed by Guerrino Lovato - Mondonovo Museum
Handcrafted in: Venice, Italy
Material: plaster
Size: 36 x 31 x 18 cm

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