Sri Rama - Jepara


Rama shadow puppet with golden body, black face and warm colour tones decorationwith cream coloured body and golden, red, blue decoration. Sri Rama is the hero of a 6.000 years old story: The Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic poem containing 24.000 verses. He is the 7th avatar of Vishnu, born in ancient India to free the earth from the cruelty and to be the embodiment of the ideal king. After his king father's death, Rama is sent into exile in the forest for fourteen year followed by his wife Shinta and his brother Lakshmana. Rawana, the demon King of Lanka hears about Shinta's beauty and decides to kidnap her. Rama aided by the army of Hanuman, the monkey god, releases Shinta defeating the evil Rawana and returns to be crowned king in Ayodhya. Wayang Kulit puppets from Central Java are the oldest tradition of storytelling in the world and has been proclamed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Puppet Details:
Original Wayang Kulit - New
Handcrafted in: Central Java - Indonesia
Material: cowhide - water buffalo horn
Body Size: 48 cm
Total Size: 68 cm
Availability: This puppet is an unique handmade craft. What you see is exactly the item you'll receive. 

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