This puppet is antique and was actually used for several years in Javanese Shadow Theatre.
It's very well preserved, features a true tissue wisp over the head and minor old restorations here and there.

Body Size:  45 cm
Total Size:  67 cm

Semar is a character very dear to Javanese public. Father of the three other Punokawan (clowns) Gareng, Petruk and Bagong, forms with them a hilarious crew that entertains audiences during break-times in the shadow puppets shows. Semar is a character in Javanese mythology who frequently appears in wayang shadow plays. He is one of the clowns, but is in fact divine and very wise. He is the dhanyang (guardian spirit) of Java, and is regarded by some as the most sacred figure of the kotak (wayang set). He is said to be the god Sang Hyang Ismaya in human form. The name Semar is said to derive from the Javanese word samar ("dim, obscure, mysterious"). He is often referred to with the honorific, "Kyai Lurah Semar" ("the venerable chief"). In depictions, Semar appears with a flat nose, a protruding lower jaw, a tired eye, and bulging rear, belly, and chest. He wears a checkered hipcloth, symbolizing sacredness. Like the other panakawan, the wayang kulit puppet does not have the elaborate openwork and ornamentation characteristic of the heroes. In wayang wong, Semar always leans forward, one hand palm up on his back and the other extended partly forward, moving up and down, with an extended forefinger.
Puppet Details:
Original Antique Wayang Kulit
Handcrafted in: Central Java - Indonesia
Material: water buffalo leather
Sticks: wood
Body Size:  45 cm
Total Size:  67 cm

Conditions: minor old restorations. Real cotton wisp. Signs of the wearing effect of time on antique puppets are not a defect but are to be considered proof of their authenticity
Availability: This puppet is an unique handmade craft. What you see is exactly the item you'll receive. 

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