“Indeed, without us, poetry could not exist” it seems to tell us this sweet face, shining pale and framed by fleshy deep blue petals. She’s an orchid woman, the most sensual and refined among the flowers. A majestic and decorative mask dedicated to Grandville, 19th century most original illustrator who used to draw extraordinary anthropomorphous feminine figures with a flower aspect. This gorgeous mask has a strong charm and is created from a single cast, demonstrating a rather elaborate technique.

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Mask details:
Author: Signed by Guerrino Lovato - Mondonovo Museum
Handcrafted in: Venice, Italy
Material: original venetian papier mâché
Wearable: yes
Size: 37 x 43 x 20 cm

Availability: We remind that our products are unique handmade crafts. If in stock, we deliver within a week. If not, consider a maximum of 20 working days to create your mask.

Flowers are eager to experience human life,
as you can hear from their voice: 
 "Your Majesty, the flowers here present beg you to accept their homage, and to lend a favorable ear to their humble complaint. For thousands of years we have supplied mankind with their themes of comparison; we alone have given them all their metaphors; indeed, without us poetry could not exist. Men lend to us their virtues and their vices; their good and their bad qualities; and it is time that we should have some experience of what these are. We are tired of this flower-life. We wish for permission to assume the human form, and to judge, for ourselves, whether that which they say above, of our character, is agreeable to truth."
( "Les fleurs animée" by Grandville - 1847)

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