Oni Noh Mask with real hair


Extraordinary powerful mask from the Japanese folklore. Carved from well seasoned wood is covered with layers of white paint to produce a light snow surface. The mask is a traditional "Oni" character (鬼), a supernatural being, whose eyes and teeth are painted in gold to catch the light. It's wearing a real hair wig as a woman turned into a demon. Mask with female hair played an important role in Japanese theatre and culture for hundreds of years. 

In popular tales, human emotions, such as rage and jelousy, turned women into "Oni" while still alive. It is the case of Yuki-onna, usually described with white skin, a white kimono, and long black hair. She appears in snowfall like a demon ghost to feed herself with human essence. She kills her victims freezing them to death and sucking their souls out of their mouths. Among many tales, there is also the one of Yamauba, the mountain ogress, who has a penchant for eating human flesh... hiding mouths under her hair... 

 Mask details:

Author: Signed by artist Iwayan Rata
Handcrafted in: Mas Ubud Bali
Material: wood and real hair wig
Wearable: yes

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