Hercules was a demi-god, he earned his Olympian status by completing the well known 12 labours. Guerrino Lovato made this mask inspired by a small terracotta piece of art from the Magna Graecia, therefore South of Italy. The decoration continuity, entering the spiral beard and the hair, shows a rather elaborate cartapesta technique. It's white painted and refined with an antique patina finish that makes it look like an old statue. The image of Hercules has always been used, especially in the Renaissance period, to represent the efforts which landlords, aristocrats, noblemen and leaders had to make in order to earn their fame. 

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Mask details:

Author: Signed by Guerrino Lovato - Mondonovo Museum
Handcrafted in: Venice, Italy
Material: original venetian papier mâché
Wearable: yes
Size: 31 x 19 x 12 cm

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