This dramatic mask is a three dimensional representation of one of the painted masks contained in "Venus and Eros" by Bronzino, the great Italian artist who worked for the De Medici family in the middle of the 1500’s. Eros and Venus are mythological figures from the old world and as a sign of it, the painting depicts at their feet two masks representing Tragedy and Comedy. Eros is also known as Cupid, the one who throws his arrows randomly, causing pain or pleasure of love. From here the balance between the two poles of Comedy and Tragedy, pleasure and pain. Bronzino had in mind the classic Tragedy from the old world, so he painted the mask of Tragedy as a vigorous, bearded muscular man with slightly satanic looking and empty eyes. Guerrino Lovato made a clay model inspired by this Bronzino painted mask, transformed it into a traditional cartapesta mask, bringing this masterpiece to a new life in a three dimensional world.

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Mask details:

Author: Signed by Guerrino Lovato - Mondonovo Museum
Handcrafted in: Venice, Italy
Material: original venetian papier mâché
Wearable: yes
Size: 23 x 16 x 11 cm

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