Batara Guru


This puppet is antique and was actually used for several years in Javanese Shadow Theatre.

Body Size:  47 cm
Total Size:  69 cm

Here is a beautiful representation of the powerful God, with his finely decorated  garment, a precious central stick made of light buffalo horn, a very good conservation status with only small parts of color missing at the base of the puppet.

Batara Guru is the only shadow puppet depicted in the forward-facing position, toward humans. It can be seen from a lower position, in sign of respect and devotion. Guru rides the cow Nandini, a sacred animal, here shown with a dragon-like face. Batara Guru is the supreme god (teacher), he has full authority from Sang Hyang Wenang (power holder of all gods) to direct other gods to perform their duties, as well as to govern all kind of life in the universe, including life and fate of human beings. His other names are Sang Hyang Jagadnata (king of the universe) and Sang Hyang Girinata (king of mountains). In the ancient times, all kingdoms were located on top of mountains.  Batara Guru has several sons, named Sang Hyang (S.H.) Basuki, S.H. Srimoyo, S.H. Sambo, S.H. Brahma, S.H. Indra, S.H. Wisnu, S.H. Bayu.

Puppet Details:
Original Antique Wayang Kulit
Handcrafted in: Central Java - Indonesia
Material: water buffalo leather
Sticks: main stick in light water buffalo horn, the other two in dark water buffalo horn.
Body Size:  47 cm
Total Size:  69 cm

Conditions: stripped painting on the base. Signs of the wearing effect of time on antique puppets are not a defect but are to be considered proof of their authenticity
Availability: This puppet is an unique handmade craft. What you see is exactly the item you'll receive. 

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