This puppet is antique and was actually used for several years in Javanese Shadow Theatre.

Aswatama (Sanskrit: अश्वत्थामा, Aśvatthāmā) is the hero of the Indian epic Mahābhārata. He is one of the seven Chiranjivi, the son of guru Drona that loved him so dearly, that the rumours about his death in the Kurukshetra war led him the death of Drona. Aswatama fought on the Kaurava side against the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war. According to The Mahabharata, Aswatama means "voice of the horse". It probably also means the one having the strength of a horse.

This wayang kulit is very well preserved except little parts of painting stripped from the face. The sticks are made of light water buffalo horn. One of the stick is made of wood, probably as a replacement of the original one.

Puppet Details:
Original Antique Wayang Kulit
Handcrafted in: Central Java - Indonesia
Material: water buffalo leather
Sticks: wood and water buffalo horn
Body Size:  51 cm
Total Size:  70 cm

Conditions: stripped painting on the face. Signs of the wearing effect of time on antique puppets are not a defect but are to be considered proof of their authenticity
Availability: This puppet is an unique handmade craft. What you see is exactly the item you'll receive. 

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