This sculpture of Arlecchino, is made of Bassano ceramic, coated in gold and silver leaves and treated to give an antique patina. It represents the typical Arlecchino from the Venetian tradition of the 1700’s, with his banana-shaped cap, the ribbon and the head lump. Despite of his usual satanic and feline features, the author decided to gave him a delicate smile and dressed him with a tidy collar to make him look like a good boy.

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Author: Signed by Guerrino Lovato - Mondonovo Museum
Handcrafted in: Venice, Italy
Material: original Bassano ceramics
Decoration: gold leaf and silver leaf hand-coated
Size: 28 x 30 cm

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Arlecchino is a very ancient character, tied to the agricultural rituality. The name is originally German: Holle Konig (Hell King). It later became Helleking and then Harlequin. His satanic nature during the years turned into more human features as cunning and ignorance. In the middle ages he appears with demons that crowded holy representations, trying to exorcize the fear for supernatural, and finally comes to the stages of Italian tumblers. Harlequin thus became the best known mask of the “Commedia dell’Arte”, that started to develop in lower Bergamo during the 16th century. His character is cheating and meddler, shows little intelligence, he’s always hungry and ready to scrounge. His costume is made by colored patched jacket and trousers, by a felt hat carrying a rabbit or fox tail and by a belt, from which hangs the “batocio” (a spatula used for stirring polenta). He’s an acrobatic character, rich in gestural expressiveness. His face maintains the satanic and feline features with a snub nose and carries a lump on the forehead, as to testify his habit to come out badly from his adventures.

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