Arjuna is the third of the five Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata epic. He is a master archer, considered to be the hero of the battle of Kurukshetra (3200 B.C.), the conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Before the battle starts, Krishna teaches the warrior Arjuna that the ultimate conflict is not about land and power but about the human spirit. Arjuna becomes a disciple as Krishna says:
"In the heart of Action you must remain free from all attachments." 
Arjuna is the only undefeated hero in the Mahabharata.

This puppet is antique and was actually used for several years in Javanese Shadow Theatre.

Puppet Details:
Original Antique Wayang Kulit
Handcrafted in: Central Java - Indonesia
Material: water buffalo leather
Sticks: wood
Body Size:  49 cm
Total Size:  69 cm
Conditions: no significant damage. Signs of the wearing effect of time on antique puppets are not a defect but are to be considered proof of their authenticity
Availability: This puppet is an unique handmade craft. What you see is exactly the item you'll receive. 

The following conversation is taken from Peter Brooks' "Mahabharata" film:

Arjuna: "I am in anguish. I can’t see where my duty lies. Teach me.".
Krishna: "Victory and defeat are the same. To Act but not to reflect on the fruit of the Act. Seek Detachment. Fight without Desire."
Arjuna: "You say, forget desire, seek detachment!! Yet you urge me to battle to massacre! Your words are ambiguous, I am confused."
Krishna: "Don’t withdraw into solitude. Renunciation is not enough. You must Act. Yet Action must not dominate you. In the heart of Action you must remain free from all attachments."
Arjuna: "How can I put into practice what you are demanding of me? The mind is capricious, unstable; it’s evasive, feverish, turbulent, tenacious. It’s harder to subdue than taming the wind."
Krishna: "You must learn to see with the same eye, a mound of earth and a heap of gold, a cow, a sage, a dog and a man who eats the dog. There is another intelligence, beyond the mind."

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