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Venetian Masks

Find here the ultimate selection of original Mondonovo Masks. Guerrino Lovato's creations have a unique expressivity and personality and draw inspiration from art masterpieces, mythology and from the tradition of Italian “Commedia dell’Arte”.

"Eyes wide shut" Masks

These masks were chosen for "Eyes Wide Shut", the last Stanley Kubrick's movie. They act in the scene of the orgiastic ceremony at the castle, where Tom Cruise is banished from the masked group and asked to leave.

"Merchant of Venice" Masks

These characters play an important role in the origin of the mask tradition. They appear since the beginning of 16th century. This models were used in the movie "The Merchant of Venice" , based on Shakespeare's work and played by Al Pacino.

Wayang Puppets

Here's a wide selection of true antique wayang directly from the puppeter's trunk. Our puppets have been performing for several decades all around central Java. Wayang have been proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity


Sculptures tell stories through Guerrino Lovato's hands
. Sometimes it happens to be a concept expressed by Aristotele, sometimes a secret hidden in a drawing by Michelangelo... all his subjects have deep roots in our past. He worked for The Moscow's Kremlin, The Vatican and many more.


These original Bassano ceramics, developed by Guerrino Lovato’s talent, are moulded in the respect of the ancient Venetian tradition and decorated one by one with gold and silver leaves. A vintage finishing makes these handicrafts gorgeous home decorations or precious gifts to amaze your loved ones.