The Project

is a new concept shop.
A place where you can read and watch.
If it was a real place we would have chairs
to sit down and sip a coffee.

MaskedArt is a project launched by our enthusiasm for traditional performing arts all over the world. It's a restless research to select collections of handicrafts of great cultural and artistic value.

Here you can find unique handmade products and watch more than 40 videos about their tradition.

We'd like this place to be a work in progress, adding contents from different cultures and sharing our fondness with other enthusiasts.

Moreover, shopping at MaskedArt, you will support talented craftsmen that still work with skills and methods deeply rooted into their territory, and so endangered nowadays by the big wave of mass production.

With our journey around the world and through human history we'd like to bring to you some source of beauty and art.