Guerrino Lovato

Guerrino Lovato  is a sculptor. That’s why his creations have a unique expressivity and personality. He creates his works drawing inspiration from art masterpieces, historical characters portraits, allegoric and mythological figures, and from the tradition of Italian “Commedia dell’Arte”. He’s known in Venice as the “King of Masks”. His workshop Mondonovo has produced, over more than 30 years of activity, hundreds of creations, among them the famous papier maché masks, the sculptures, the stage scenes, the opera and the film making: Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino, La Traviata by Franco Zeffirelli, Much Ado About Nothing by Kenneth Branagh. 
Here are some of his works: 
For the Municipality of Paris, France. He creates a 25 meter Christmas crib with mechanical movement robots and the reciting voice of Marcello Mastroianni. This work was admired by more than 180.000 people in one month only.
For the Gulliver Park in Tokyo. He made a series of sculptures. 
On request by the Vatican. He carried out a 6 meters tall Christ statue in Michelangelo’s style.
For Moscow’s Kremlin. He sculptured the decoration patterns for the reconstruction of the big domes in Romanoff style wanted by Boris Eltsin.
He worked in Los Angeles and New York film studios and made the inner decorations for the Grand Hotel and Casino “The Venetian” in Las Vegas
For the reconstruction of Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice. He designed and mold all the prototypes for the sculptures and the “ornato” bas-relief decoration of the theater vault.
For Salvador Dalì exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. He created an 11 meters group of sculptures that represents “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening”. 
With worker in ebony Gianni Malizia he executed the 1.5 meter model of the Tiziano monument made in 1800 by the Zandomeneghi.
Today the model is permanently exhibited at Tiziano’s House in Pieve di Cadore.
The famous papier maché masks workshop of Guerrino Lovato is today reconstructed inside Corielli Palace in Malo, City of the Carnival, as an Heritage Museum of Carnival and Theatre. 250 artworks and 500 moulds are exposed here, along with rich archives on themes such as Carnival and Theater.
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