Mahakala rare mask from Nepal with third eye focus

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The real focus of this Mahakala mask is dedicated to the third eye, powerfully represented on the forehead with a carved Buddha face raised in high relief and decorated with a crown of glass beads and a tiara. Coming out of the mouth are five drapes of colored fabrics representing the five affliction of humanity: greed, envy, pride, anger, and ignorance transformed into the five wisdoms (more commonly represented with a crown of five skulls).
The mouth of the masks is contorted to an angry smile from its corners protrude long fangs. Five drapes are also coming out from the huge mouth of the mask as to represent the same attitude in mind and behaviour. This mask has many details for further study... metal plates, chians and badges... and also symbols like a scarab, used in madala as a spirit protector. 

Pieces such as this are known as "host of ornaments" and are kept in chapels dedicated to the dharmapalas, wrathful protectors of Buddhism.
Mahakala can be translated as the Great Destroyer, the Great Black One. Considered to be an aspect of the Hindu god Shiva, he defends the Dharma from corruption. Mahakala is a deity that protect by eliminating the obstacles and impure thoughts through our journey to enlightenment. The black colour of his body represents the unchangeable nature of Dharma. 


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