Original decoration from The Fenice Theatre in Venice

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This an original full scale reproduction of the many decorations that adorn the cavea of the Gran Theatre La Fenice in Venice, which was rebuilt in 2003. It was Guerrino Lovato's task to recreate all the decorative forms in the cavea of The Fenice, drawing and moulding the prototypes. This is one of them.  

It represents a leaf man, a wild man (Homo Selvaticus). It’s a decorative feature with a long tradition. Especially in the Gothic Era, vegetable shapes were often combined with human forms, with male or female faces. This is the image of a bearded man. 

Decoration from The Fenice Theatre by Guerrino Lovato

As a garland around the theatre’s cavea, there are about 30 of these ornaments, all of the same size, made of golden papier-maché. The "nereid woman" on the right is also made by Guerrino Lovato.

La Fenice Decoration



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